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Wilbarger Humane Society  Spay & Neuter Program

WHS has received several generous donations to fund our
Spay & Neuter Program to reduce pet over population.
Current pet owners may take advantage of one of these programs.
Call for additional information and to make an appointment.
(940) 552-5373

Current rabies vaccination is required.  

A copy of the rabies certificate will be attached to the application.

The charge for rabies is $10.00 for those pets not current.

This fee is not covered under the NO COST GRANT.

CO-Pay for Grant is $20
A pet owner may qualify for free pet surgery by using the guidelines required for Social Security Disability,
School Lunch Program, Food Stamps, VA Disability, WIC. Househould income is based on the Federal Poverty Level Threshold Guidelines.  Proof of income is required and can be based on last year's income tax form.
A copy of your income eligibility will be attached to your application.
Limited to residents of Wilbarger County, Texas.
Those that do not qualify for free services may apply for reduced surgery fees.
Residents of Wichita County may take advantage of the excellent services of P.E.T.S.
Limited to residents of TEXAS counties: Wilbarger, Hardeman, Foard and Baylor.


Present fees for Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Cat Neuter .....     $35.00

Cat Spay     .....     $45.00 

Dog Neuter ....    $60.00

Dog Spay    .....   $60.00

The variations in cost are based on the size of the animal.

Additional charges apply for male animals that have undescended testicles.

$15 to $50 extra

Additional charges apply for female animals that are in heat or are pregnant.

$10 to $20 extra




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