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Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting a Pet

The adoption fees are so high.  Why does it cost so much?

     The fees are based on the medical services provided to each animal.  WHS strives to make sure that each pet is healthy and free of parasites.  The spay or neuter surgery is required by Texas State law, as is microchipping.  We research the services locally and in the region to obtain the best but least expensive medical services possible.  WHS makes no profit from the adoption fees.


Compare Wilbarger Humane Society adoption fees with animal shelters in the region:

        Wichita Falls, TX   Dogs  $105.00  Cats $90.00

        Altus Animal Aid (Oklahoma)   Dogs $75.00  Cats  $55.00

        Arlington, TX   Dogs $100.00   Cats  $90.00

I can spend more to buy from a breeder and get a pure bred dog.

     Animal shelters receive many pure-bred dogs and cats.  Many are released to animal shelters for a wide variety of reasons, not aways for behavior problems.  The behavior problem is usually with the pet owner and their expectations of the pet.  Remember, too, whenever a pet is purchased, a shelter animal is not adopted.                ADOPT DON'T SHOP.

      Reputable and responsible dog and cat breeders do exist.  As a result of their care of their stock and careful breeding practices, the pets are very expensive.  The problem lies with the Puppy Mills and Backyard Breeders.  These people do not care for their animals properly.  Many times the animals are kept in cramped, dirty, neglected cages.  Inbreeding occurs and genetic problems are passed from generation to generation.  Don't be mislead by beautiful photos on the INTERNET or by the front room of the breeder. If you insist on purchasing an pet: Insist on inspecting the living quarters of the animals.  Insist on reviewing the veterinary records of each parent and litter. Insist on references from others who have purchased a pet from this breeder.

But, I can recover my expenses by breeding it and selling its puppies. 

     Are you wanting a pet to be a companion or are you looking for a money-making investment?  There are easier and better methods of raising money.  There are always expenses involved to assure a quality "product" for your customers.  You may not be able to sell or give away all of the puppies. What are you going to do with the 'left-overs'?  You don't know the genetic problems that an individual dog may be passing on to its puppies.  Finally, you will be contributing to the very real national problem of pet overpopulation.

(Besides....Remember when you purchased that big screen TV?  Did you think you would then charge your friends to watch the big game and to recover some of the expense? No, you wanted to enjoy your TV, with or without your friends sharing the expense.)



My brother's neighbor's dog has a litter of puppies every year and I can get one free.  Why should I 'buy' a dog from the shelter?

     Backyard breeders generally are not careful about the health of the animals. They may not be aware of genetic traits that will be passed along to the puppies. The 'free' puppy may cost you more in veterinarian bills later.  The annual litters are the major cause of pet overpopulation.  In the long run, most of these puppies are brought to animal shelters for 'disposal' or they suffer an even worse fate.

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